Teekkari Section (TJ)

TeekkarijaostoTeekkari Section organises lively and teekkari-minded activities, cherishes the traditions of engineering students and maintains their culture. The section also supports associations which produce the culture of engineering students. Teekkari Section consists of directors who each have their own area of responsibility, such as teekkari singing culture, freshman activities or parties. Teekkari Section does its best to continue the 145-year-old teekkari spirit and traditions, as well as to maintain the engineering students’ identity.


Teekkari Section gathers under it numerous committees composed of representatives from different guilds and associations to maintain the engineering student culture.

Freshman Committee (FTMK)

The Freshman Committee is lead by the Fresman Major and consists of the Fresman Captains of guilds, TF and Prosessiteekkarit. FTMK organizes for example freshman orienteering events in the fall and the Winter day in cooperation with different associations. The Fresman Major decides whether Wappu is celebrated or not.

ISO Committee

The ISO Committee is lead by the ISO Director and consists of the responsible persons for ISO-activity in guilds, TF’s and Prosessiteekkarit. ISO Committee organizes different ISO events such as the ISO education of engineering students and ISO-sitsit.

International Committee (KvTMK)

The International Committee (KvTMK) is lead by the International Director. The International Committee includes board members in charge of international affairs in special status associations. The International Committee promotes internationalism and the role of foreign students at Aalto and guilds and is involved in freshman- and ISO activities regarding international students.

Hosts and hostesses (IE)

The Hosts and Hostesses Committee is lead by the IE Director and consists of the hosts and hostesses of special status associations. IE is behind for example Polin Appro and the Otasuunnistus afterparty.

Party Committee (JTMK)

The Party Committee is lead in turn by the Wappu Director and the Director for Lakinlaskijaiset. JTMK consists of about ten people who are selected at the end of the year through an open application. JTMK is responsible for the so called “three big parties” Gravitaatio, Wappu and Lakinlaskijaiset.

Dozens of party workers work under JTMK’s authority.

Precentor Committee (Lutku)

The Precentor Committee is lead by the Precentor Director and consists of precentors from special status associations. Lutku upkeeps the sitsi culture of Otaniemi and organizes for example precentor education, sauna events and engineering student song contests.

Teekkari Tradition Committee

Teekkari Tradition Committee is lead by the Teekkari Tradition Director. The committee consists of volunteers who are selected at the end of the year through an open application. The committee coordinates the events of the Teekkari Tradition Week and is responsible for the arrangements of the Teekkari Tradition Party.

Teekkari Culture Directors

Besides committees’ chairmen Teekkari Section also consists of two Teekkari Culture Directors. The Teekkari Culture Directors organize for example Hullu Jussi and badge sales in the spring and the Otatarha Race in the fall. Together with Teekkari Section’s other directors the Teekkari Culture Directors are responsible for maintaining relations with KY’s Culture Committee and Tampere Teekkari Section.

Permission to wear the Teekkari Cap

The Teekkari Cap is a summer cap, but in the winter time (October 1st through April 30th) Teekkari Section can grant permission to wear the cap in dignified events where the cap wearer is representing teekkari culture.

Permission to wear the cap in the wintertime can be applied through an online form. Teekkari Section grants permission in its weekly meetings. Application form can be found here.


Section or committee strings are granted for those who actively participate in the activities of Teekkari Section and its committees during the year. The chairperson of Teekkari Section always grants the strings.

Strings are worn with overalls. The string is tied in such a way that it runs obliquely from the right shoulder over the chest. With a separate permission, you can also wear the string with other accessories.

Currently used strings:

  • Freshman Committee Dark blue
  • ISO Committee Light blue
  • Hosts and hostesses Dark green
  • Party employees Pink
  • Party Committee Purple
  • Precentor Committee Bright red
  • International Committee Dark Brown
  • Teekkari Tradition Committee Burgundy

The olive string is the symbol of Teekkari Section. The current and former members of Teekkari Section are entitled to use the string. Current chairpersons of the committees wear a string with a tassel of the colour of their committee. The golden string of the Polytechnical Students’ Museum can be granted to meritorious persons based on the museum intendant’s or manager’s application. A white honorary string may be granted to a member of Teekkari Section for particular merits on May Day when it is AYY’s turn to crown the Manta statue.

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