The rules of volunteering

The rules for volunteering are meant to ensure that volunteers feel themselves as part of the AYY organisation and appreciated as members of the community. The rules were properly introduced in written form in the spring of 2016, and at the same time trustees were named for volunteers. The rules include, among other things, the rights and responsibilities for volunteers and the student union regarding volunteer jobs, the life cycle of the jobs, and the duties of trustees.

Volunteers are the heart of the student union. The goal is to ensure that volunteers feel like respected members of the community. Another goal is to support volunteer organs in their everyday work according to the rules of volunteering. The operation of organs shall be prepared and coordinated, and feedback given to the participants. Introduction with tasks, training and communicating the practices and processes of the student union shall be handled appropriately. (Introduction)

You can view the rules in their entirety here.
You can see the trustees for volunteers and their contact information here.