Aalto is Multicultural!

What can we do to benefit from it?

There are about 100 different nationalities studying and working in Aalto University. Yet communication and exchange between the different cultures could be much more active. In 2014 Aalto University Student Union initiated a project to take multiculturality better into account in teaching situations in Aalto University. The project is funded by Aalto University and produced by AYY. The project aims at bringing the view point of international students into the limelight, making the university community understand the reasons for problems in integration and giving the teachers easy strategies to support intercultural communication in classes.

As part of the project 11 students from around the world and 2 teachers from Finland were interviewed and asked to share their experiences, frustrations and ideas for developing teaching of multicultural groups in Aalto.

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Read also the leaflet with easy tips and useful information about developing teaching of multicultural groups.

The material of the project has been distributed within the Aalto community in autumn 2015.

Working group of Aalto is Multicultural-project:

Milla Ovaska
Milja Asikainen
Carlos Mendoza

Video by Ville Niemi, Viiksimaisteri